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Bill Thee Skarsgard Updates

Long time no see! Today I want to share what Bill’s been doing while I’ve been avoiding a grippy sock vacation. First, were going to do some rapid fire reviews. Then, let’s talk about what’s coming up for our Best Boy. And, he’s got a lot coming up. He may not be the King of…

Guess, who’s back? Back Again.

It’s me…Yeah. So, some things happened. I’ve reevaluated what I what I want this blog to be. I’m never going to move away from horror, it’s too integral to who I am. However, I want to post about other things so I can post more often. Lately, I’ve been thinking about my ~career~ as in…

CEO of the Souichi is Overrated Club, COO of the Oshikiri Society


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Hi, Nik! I blog about food, fitness and fun with a spooky twist. Hope you stay awhile, we have such sights to show you!

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