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CEO of the Souichi is Overrated Club, COO of the Oshikiri Society

Streaming Horror Recommendations

I miss going to the movies. Instead of the excitement of leaving my house, maskless and alone like it’s 2019; I have to watch horror movies on my ipad or computer with headphones on. Or worse, on my television at 4 in the morning, finger fully on the “back” button so I don’t traumatize my […]

Space is Actually Terrifying

Well, well, well, look who remembered their login information. Anyway, two days after a lot of us celebrated the Son of Man ™ conquering death, I logged on to the Bird App to see The Thing was trending. At first, I thought people decided to troll their children like I did and told them they […]


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Hi, Nik! I blog about food, fitness and fun with a spooky twist. Hope you stay awhile, we have such sights to show you!

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