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Space is Actually Terrifying

Well, well, well, look who remembered their login information. Anyway, two days after a lot of us celebrated the Son of Man ™ conquering death, I logged on to the Bird App to see The Thing was trending. At first, I thought people decided to troll their children like I did and told them they […]

As much as I love horror movies, I love movies that are weird that are like, horror adjacent so much more. With movies like that, you really have to think, “Is this scary? Or is this just bizarre?” What I love about horror is that the stuff that scares us doesn’t really have to be […]

It’s The MOST Christmas Movie

There are many hills I will die on. Michael Keaton was a great Batman, Kirkland Signature is superior to everything, Garlic is gross, and The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Christmas movies. I know what you’re thinking, the people that made the movie said that it was a Halloween movie. But I will personally die […]

The Lying, The Witches(2020), and the Wardrobe.

Ok, look. I’m going into this review letting you know that I LOVE Roald Dahl. The Witches is especially special to me. I reread it to my kids every year. When I heard they were remaking the film I was incredibly excited. I even used the idea of this movie to console myself when MA […]


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Hi, Nik! I blog about food, fitness and fun with a spooky twist. Hope you stay awhile, we have such sights to show you!

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