Who Am I?

HI! I’m Nik, I run the blog Nik or Treatt .

This blog is about food, fitness, and fun with a spooky twist. I have been a fan of horror all of my life, and I talk about it so much that I felt it was smart to have all of my musings in one place.

I live in Las Vegas and I am currently writing a pre-dystopian novel series. I hope to see it published one day! I love reading and becoming a writer was the natural next step.

  • Outside of horror, I am a huge history nerd! So sometimes I blog about the historical events that may or may not have inspired some of the most beloved scary movies.
  • I also love comics and collect them! My favorites are Batman, Teen Titans, Spider-man, She Hulk, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Blade. Marv Wolfman is my favorite comic book writer. I also love to cosplay!
  • Another thing I really enjoy is anime. My favorite shows are Made in Abyss, Drifters, Sailor Moon, One Punch Man,and Dr. Stone. I totally don’t pretend to only watch ~underground~(unpopular) animes to sound cool. I really don’t like gatekeeping and I love to share the things I love!
  • I really love weight lifting and I’m studying to become a personal trainer! I know a lot of ~influencers~ that think they are qualified to give advice because they have an internet following. However, I would rather be certified! I only want to give the most knowledgeable advice with real sources beyond “dude,trust me”.

I am a Capricorn sun,Pisces moon, and Sagittarius rising.So I’m a mix of everything! I hope you enjoy my eclectic little blog and when you leave it, I want you to feel a little more happier than you were before.

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