Seth Green is a Scream King (and Baby Alien)

Apparently, everyone in the group chat is a hater. So now, I have to not only make the case for Seth Green being a scream king, BUT he is also Baby Alien on The Masked Singer.

Seth Green was not only on the show Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but if you watch the movie very slowly, fans say he is in it for three seconds! He plays a vampire that gets kicked by Buffy outside the gym when he and a group of other vampires, are messing with her. He is also on the back of the VHS case! This is controversial, because he says his movie scenes were cut, but fans say he is not. Maybe it’s a look a like. But it’s a stone cold FACT that he plays Oz in the television series.

We all know how I feel about IT. So I’m obviously going to point out that Seth Green played a Young Richie Tozier in the 1990 miniseries! I still think that he should have played adult Richie in the 2019 sequel. But, it is what it is. One day, I’m going to post about IT: Chapter 2. I promise. It’s just hard for me to be critical about the things I love. Anyway, I have a lot of respect for child actors because when I was around the age of The Loser’s Club I was not cute. I try to block it out, but they were able to go on the screen in all their adorable awkwardness. Could NOT be me.

Maybe this is an unpopular opinion,but I consider Scooby Doo to be horror. Any 80s and 90s kid that read Goosebumps obsessively and Scooby Doo and the Witch’s Ghost was the highlight of October spends too much money on their Halloween costumes as an adult. Scooby Doo is a lot of people’s introduction to horror (and being anti-capitalist,but I digress). Welp, Short King Seth Green played Velma’s love interest in Scooby Doo 2: Monster’s Unleashed! Even though this movie was not as good as the first movie, I did like it. I don’t know why people hold things that are mean for children to such a high standard. I will never want a gritty Scooby Doo reboot. I want a Scooby Doo that I can show to my younger family members and show them scarier things when they are old enough to enjoy it instead of being traumatized.

Seth Green has also been in a lot of Horror adjacent things. I’lljust name them off

  • My Stepmother’s an Alien
  • Robot Chicken (the theme song scared me as a kid so I’m adding it. If we take the theme song as the reason we are seeing these things, it’s obviously paying homage to Frankenstein and A Clockwork Orange.
  • Guest star on an episode of X-Files
  • The Attic
  • Guest star on Tales from the Crypt
  • Ticks
  • Voices Howard the Duck in he MCU (Howard the Duck first appeared in Man-Thing comics)
  • Arcade
  • Idle Hands
  • Voices King Kong in the Lego Movie Cinematic Universe (LCU?)
  • Voices one of the Gingerbread in Krampus

Seth Green is a Scream King. But, he is also Baby Alien on The Masked Singer (and I can prove it!)

Let’s start with the costume. Seth Green has done a lot of horror adjacent things,AND most of he are extra terrestrials or related/associated to/with them.

  • Pennywise is from another dimension and is arguably an alien.
  • Howard the Duck is an alien. He also voiced Rocket Racoon in an episode of Avenger’s Assemble and confirms Rocket is an Alien (I don’ like GOTG so I didn’t know)
  • Seth Green’s character on X-Files had a UFO encounter.
  • He voiced Ion Papanoida on the Clone Wars cartoon series.Since Papanoida was literally played by George Lucas (live freakin’ action!) Ion is based on George Lucas’ son, so while the role is minor, it’s meaningful.
  • In the Family Guy parody Seth Green’s character Chris plays Luke Skywalker. As we all know, Star Wars takes place in a galaxy far far away. Luke Skywaker is not an earthling.

Speaking of Star Wars….There’s a literal baby alien we have all been losing our collective minds over.

Star Wars and Fox are owned by our Mouse Overlord. So, they have nothing to lose literally everything is going to the same pocket. Also, Rosario Dawson is playing Ahsoka Tano in The Mandalorian AND Seth and Rosario were both in Josie and the Pussycats.

Why a puppet? Well, Seth Green was on the Fox show Greg the Bunny, and Greg was a puppet. He didn’t play he puppet! But I still think it counts. This is subjective horror but, The Adventures of Timmy the Tooth is the source of my odontophobia. Greg the Bunny has the same puppets, so I really can’t watch this show to find more clues. I made an appointment to get the rest of my wisdom teeth out so I’m already going through some things. My husband had to teach our kids how to brush/floss because I got freaked out. I can’t even explain why teeth are scary. I know I wasn’t afraid of the puppets, because I love Muppets. That’s like one of my defining character traits. It’s the teeth, the fu*kin’ teeth! Speaking of Muppets, Seth Green was on TWO episodes of Sesame Street. In fact, Sesame Street is what made him want to be an actor. That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. I uses to want to be an actress because I loved Muppet Christmas Carrol and Muppet Treasure Island so much!

When I first listened to Baby Alien sing, I thought it was Jason Segal. He did a movie with the Muppets and in Get Him to he Greek, he made a Dracula puppet musical. But after reviewing the clues, it has to be Seth Green. Let’s break it down right now.

First clue with Baby Alien in the Shower is a nod to IT. While Richie was not the kid being terrorized at that point, that is one of the more iconic scenes.

The second clue is a double clue! The class room has two aliens and they represent the two characters that he played in Buffy. Movie vampire and TV Oz. The stake made out of Cheese is not only a nod to Buffy (Buffy movie is cheesy) But, Seth Green was born in Philadelphia, which is known for their cheesestakes! Also, that’s why the Liberty Bell shows up later. Along with the Liberty

Bell, there is a balloon of a turtle doing karate. Seth Green Voiced Leonardo on one of he Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle episodes.

The second clue is kind of wild and it might not be a clue. It might just be me OFF the PSL wanting to know if you wanna talk about STRESS and Pepe Silvia! So the reference to Ferris Bueller is actually a reference to Robot Chicken. Robot Chicken does parodies of popular shows/characters. And Robot Chicken parodies Ferris Bueller and Knight Rider at the same time (KITT’s Day Out). Baby Alien is clearly not driving that car, he’s manning the spaceship inside of a sentient car.

The reason I am SO sure the shower scene is a nod to IT, is because there’s a point where the alien says “baby!” just like Mike Myers when he is Austin Powers. Seth Green didn’t play Austin Powers, but he was in the movies and Seth Green is known for parodies (Robot Chicken, Family Guy). Also, Austin Powers and Dr. Evil have the same actor, and Seth Green plays Dr. Evil’s son.

After Baby Alien preformed he did an eastern Euro accent. He does a lot of the voices on Robot Chicken,so him doing this Borat-esque voice isn’t out of the ordinary.

I don’t know what the horseshoe means…But….I will find out…..

Stay Spooky.

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