Sometimes….Alternate Endings Are Better

 So, I love looking at the deleted scenes and alternate endings. Like, I used to annoy tf out of my friends for doing this.They didn’t really get the point and that made me feel like hey didn’t get me. I mean, I love over analyzing every possible thing. That’s the meaning of life for me. Finding every possible piece of the puzzle. This one is for everyone who ever had to watch the DVD extras with me. Thank you. I love you.  

The Butterfly Effect

Like…This movie is not good. All everyone does is suffer. I did think it was cool to see my second favorite Iowan in a more serious movie. If you have not been blursed with the viewing of this movie, I’ll give you the cliff notes.

  • Evan Treborn (Get it, event reborn?!) has the power to go back in time whilst reading his journal. However, going back in time changes the present…Arguably for the worst. Honestly, the lives represented were mediocre at best.
  • The main lives Evan impacts are his friends Lenny, Tommy, and Kayleigh. Aside from being named Kayleigh (not Kaylie, Kaylee, or even the less nonsensical Katie) she has a very unfortunate life. Her parents are divorced, and her father makes naughty videos starring Kayleigh and her friends.  
  • So, Evan realizes that he is the source of all of Kayleigh’s issues and goes back in time to kindly and gently know he doesn’t want to be friends.
    • Evan, and probably Kayleigh as well, have a seminormal life and bump into each other as adults but both decide go about their business despite recognizing each other some what. 

This movie actually has three alternate endings. One is good, one is okay, and one is so ridiculous that they should have kept it so Ashton Kutcher could reverse the psychic damage we all take when we watch bad movies.  

  1. In the first alternate ending, Evan bumps into Kayleigh like we saw in the movie. But, he asks her to get a coffee with him. This ending is just okay because it’s obvious he loved her and maybe there was something to the way their lives repeatedly intertwined. Maybe they’re soulmates. So, I like his ending but, I do think the other ending is better. 
  2. In this ending, Evan bumps into Kaleigh and instead of asking her out, he just follows her. I like this ending because it’s open ended in a good way. Some people think he was going to stalk Kayleigh, other people think he was going to apologize for the mean things he said to her as a child. I think he was looking for a less busy place to ask her to coffee, because men are just like that and rarely realize how creepy they are. I think this is the better ending, because it makes space for a sequel. There are two sequels to this movie however,they are not related to Evan and his friends. I think that’s dumb. If they wanted a true sequel, they could have had one. The sequel to The Butterfly Effect could have been easily altered to feature Evan, Kayleigh, Tommy, and Lenny. And then the third featuring Evan and Kayleigh’s son trying to figure out WHY there seems to be a multi generational curse afflicting his family and eventually succumbing to the temptation of time travel to aid his studies.   
  3. This ending is…weird. So, Evan is in a mental hospital. Just like the other men in his family. He realizes his time traveling is genetic and goes back one more time to be a fetus and chokes himself with his umbilical cord. What’s messed up is that is mother had multiple miscarriages prior to Evan and that implies all of Evan’s unborn siblings also did baby suicide. Which I think is weird. I know movies have a time limit, but there were other avenues to explore besides making his mother go through another late stage miscarriage. Like, he (as an adult) could have looked up Kayleigh’s mom in the phone book and asked where she lived during her children’s childhood and manipulated events so his mom and her mom could have been friends. They acted as if phones and letters didn’t exist back then. 

The Descent

All I have to say is….We lost. In the ending we (Americans) see, Sarah pretty much leaves her friend Juno to die to ensure her own survival. Sarah escapes the underground cave and makes her way to her car.Sarah drives away, in tears over her ordeal. She bends over to vomit,when she gets up…JUNO is in the passenger seat! This fits the popular theory that Sarah imagined the creatures and The Descent references her descent into madness.

However in the UK version, Sarah wakes up. She gets up and sees Jessica holding a birthday cake.

However, the candles on the cake are actually the fire from her torch. The shot begins to expand and it’s revealed that the creatures are closing in on her. She never left the cave. Sarah is trapped.This ending is so much better! It’s clear they went with this ending for us because they wanted a sequel.And,I feel like this ending could have been so iconic that a sequel would have been unnecessary.

I recently found out that the original Nightmare on Elm Street was going to end with the entire thing being a dream and Nancy would have had a happy ending. Freddy has always left people wanting more, that’s why there are so man spin offs and sequels.The creatures in The Descent don’t got it like that. We didn’t need a sequel, and we certainly do not need a franchise. I think a better sequel would be people going down there to find the missing women and eventually finding Sarah, who has now become a crawler. Kind of like in Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.

Paranormal Activity

I was a child when The Blair Witch Project came out. So by the time I saw the movie, the hype was long over and I knew it was all fake.  I think Paranormal Activity is a movie that has been able to capture that feeling that the gen Xers went through. And, yeah, for a brief second, people thought this movie was actually a documentary.

The most profitable film ever made had other endings. Unlike other films on my list,I think that it’s debatable which ending is better. I like them all.

The first alternate ending has Katie going back to the bedroom and sits on the bed for two days. Her friend Amber call and is like “Yo, wtf is going on?I haven’t heard from you guys?” Amber goes to the home and sees Micah’s body. Whatever is possessing Katie leaves her body to scare away Amber. It goes back to Katie and Katie goes back to sitting on the bed. We assume Amber calls he police because they show up later. After a tense stand off with an unresponsive Katie, the door closes, scaring a cop so the cop shoots Katie. Later, the police investigate to try and figure what the heck happened, but all the find is the camera. I like this ending because it’s a good mix of paranormal and realistic. 

The second alternate ending was never shot. Katie uses the camera to beat Micah to death. But we (he viewers) see this from the POV of the camera. I think this would be a really original idea! However,it was too difficult for them to figure out how to film, and I don’t blame them.

The third alternate ending is Katie returning to the bedroom after the incident with Micah. Katie is holding on to a knife and she is covered in blood. She closes and locks the bedroom door. Katie walks over and smirks at the camera before cutting her own throat. The screen then goes black. How Mcfreakin’ creepy! 

Scream 2

Now, I am firmly on team #therewerethreekillersin Scream. It is simply not possible for Billy and Stu to have been the only ones.  Who TF framed Cotton? Billy and Stu ( and Roman for that matter) do not look like Cotton. They could not pass for Cotton. They have different hair AND Cotton was muscular. Who was stalking Sydney and Tatum? Billy and Stu were with Randy at the time. There’s evidence to there being another killer in the other films, but boy oh boy, here’s an unpopular opinion….I don’t think it’s that deep after Scream 2. I love Wes Craven, but 3-5 + the series I could do without. I’ve already said I don’t support Scream sequels now that Wes Craven is no longer with us. 

Anyway, got a bit off topic. The alternate ending to Scream 2 featured Officer Dewey being the killer! I love this idea because I think Dewey was the third killer. There are actually a lot of endings to Scream 2 because the script kept getting leaked on the internet, because when the Web was the dial up wild, wild, west. Which I find hilarious because…There was no google…How would anyone find it? The first time I used the internet I used Ask Jeeves to look for a Spice Girls fan site. Which I did locate…but it was not the British girl group. So, people finding entire scripts in that time period is a little unbelievable to me. But what do I know? I’m just a dumbass on the internet. 

I would have felt very vindicated if Dewy was secretly evil all along.


I have never felt like I’ve fit in this world, and I think I found out why. I have a CLEAR memory of his alternate ending being the real ending and Alien prequels and sequels not existing until Alien vs Predator. And, me being into horror isn’t a new thing. Me loving strong female protagonists is not a new thing. I thought about naming my first born child Ripley before I decided on the name I wanted to use (and had to end up changing anyway)   So, it’s all very sus! Sometimes, I want to go back to my dimension. 

This alternate ending that I can LITERALLY see in my Hippocampus is described by Ridley Scott as:

“Before she slammed the buttons to open the door, I think she [Ripley] hits the buttons and the Alien holds on to the door. She harpoons, it makes no difference. It comes forward and it slams through her mask and rips her head off.” Adding, “I’m pitching this to the studio from Shepperton [a studio outside London,] and I could feel the tension over the phone.Then, I cut to the desktop and the Alien’s hand comes and [taps on the buttons] and then, in a perfect mimic, mimics [Tom Skerrit’s dead ship captain] Dallas’s voice, saying, ‘I’m signing off.The first executive arrived within 14 hours, from Fox, threatening to fire me on the spot, so we didn’t do that”

This ending is good, but I am so glad Ripley survived this movie! I have a lot of qualms with the dimension I’m in, but I’m thankful to be in one that gave us this bad ass bitch.

 I have been watching the other movies and they are honestly so beautiful despite a lot of people considering horror to be a trash genre. But I really love the Alien series, now that I’m familiar with it.

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