The Next Kombat Packs?

Ok hi, it’s me. The girl that finally started Kombat League again to get a Saurian Noob Saibot skin and bounce.

#notmysindel tbh!

The streets are saying there is going to be at least two more Kombat Packs. If you don’t know what that is, they are downloadable characters that are not included in the original game. You had the choice to pay a little bit more when you got the game to get the extra things. Or you paid like twenty dollars later. Sometimes, they are characters from the Mortal Kombat Universe (like Rain, Nightwolf, Shang Tsung, and Mileena) and sometimes they are characters from other places in pop culture ( like The Terminator, Rambo, and Spawn). While I appreciate the people who go through the game’s files to find things like this, I am disappointed at the same time because I don’t like scrolling through the people arguing and fighting over the validity. This isn’t just a problem in Mortal Kombat, because I remember the day before The Rise of Skywalker came out….Like people were so mean to the person that leaked the story as if the weak story was the person that posted the spoiler’s fault.

So, the supposed Kombat Packs contain:

• Smoke (This is the grey ninja, he is a member of the Lin Kuei. Sometimeshe is a human, he is a cyborg, sometimes he is an Enenra. An Enenra is a creature made of smoke and vapor. Canonically, the last time we saw Smoke he was a revenant)

• Reptile (This is the green ninja, he is a Saurian which are humanoid reptiles in Outworld.As the series has progressed, he has taken on a more reptilian form.)

• Havik (Havik lives in Chaosrealms, and solely exists to disrupt Orderealm. We last heard from Havik in MK11: Aftermath. Shang Tsung mentions him when he sends Geras to the Chaosrealm)

• Ermac (Ermac is the red Ninja. He is a construct of countless Edinian souls. He was last canonically seen in MKX where they side with Kotal Khan instead of Mileena during the civil war of Outworld. In MK11, he falls to his death in the Krypt.)

Nonbinary Royalty

• Ashrah (Ashah is a demon from the Neatherrealm that lives in Edenia. She is neither good nor evil. She hunts demons, but she used to be in the Brotherhood of Shadow.)

• Takeda (Takeda is Kenshi’s son and Jacqui’s fiancé. He is a member of the Shirai Ryu and was raised by Scorpion while Kenshi was hunting down the Red Dragon. In the tower interactions, it’s revealed that his whereabouts are “classified”. But the Joker has apparently met him. Tower interactions are not always canon. )

• Sareena (Sareena is a demon that used to be an assassin for Quan Chi. Now she is an ally to the good guys. She has a demon form and a human form. Kabal’s tower ending has them married with kids. But e v e r y o n e hates this ending. Sareena was previously linked with Bi-Han/Noob Saibot. Personally, I hate the discourse. As a Kabal main, I hear it far too often to care anymore )

This cartoon lives in my mind rent free

• Quan Chi (Quan Chi is the most powerful sorcerer and necromancer in the Netherealm. He was the secondary antagonist in MKX and was responsible for bringing back Shinnok. He is also responsible for Scorpions beef with the Lin Kuei. He manipulated the events that made Scorpion swear revenge on Kuai Liang and the Boyz)

• Deathstroke (Deathstroke is an assassin for hire in DC Comics. He was playable in the game Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. Outside of Mortal Kombat, he is the arch enemy of the Teen Titans in like, every single version of Teen Titans.)

• Ripley (Ripley is the protagonist of the Alien series. The Alien was a guest character in MKX. The leak claims they will use the voice and likeness of Sigourney Weaver, similar to Rambo. I wrote about Ripley on the blog before, you can read about the alternate ending of Alien here.)

• The Comedian (The Comedian, also known as Edward Morgan Blake is from the Watchman series. He looks like an edgy Captain America. If you have seen the iconic smiley face associated with Watchmen, he is who has it.)

So….What do I think?

Well, I’m not particularly mad at any of these. If this does end up being real, I would be excited to at least try and play these characters. I do think that some of these characters read as fan service. But, fan service is good! At the end of the day, the fans are the one paying for the game!

If I could make my own three Kombat Packs, they would look like this

Kombat Pack 3:

Ermac, Takeda, Harley Quinn, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (instead of Ashrah)

I chose to add two women because there is a lack of female DLC. I kind of think it should be half and half because women (and folks that main women) play too. I like Buffy instead of Ashrah, because I don’t think Ashrah has had a big impact on the series. I don’t see why Kronika would have her as a factor. I think Buffy would have a fun moveset. She could use Mr. Pointy, a crossbow, and a cross as her customizable gear. A good tower ending for Buffy would be a similar ending to The Gift. I stan Buffy and always will. So, I am obviously biased. When a previous leak said that an “innocent bystander” would be the victim of the next person in the Kombat Pack. I think that the bystander ended up being the Tarkatan that Mileena killed. But I think it would be funny for Buffy to fight Skarlet in a reveal trailer.

For me personally, I think The Joker is enough DC. A lot of people want Harley Quinn to be in the game! When the DC Fandome was announced, people swore up and down Harley and Deathstroke were going to be announced as DLC. I think Harley would have fun game play with her gymnastic influenced fighting,her hammer and her danger doggos.

Kombat Pack 4:

Kung Jin, Cyrax (instead of Smoke), Ripley and Rorschach (instead of The Comedian)

I do not like Kung Jin. But to be fair, I HATE Kung Lao. I really want Takeda in MK11, and I don’t think it’s fair to have Cassie, Jacqui, and Takeda; but omit Kung Jin. I think people might read that as homophobic. Which I do not like. Don’t quote me on this, but there is a good chance Kung Jin is dead, since there was a slaughter at the Wu Shu academy. Kung Jin is not a coward and I imagine he fought Geras instead of running away. If he survived, it’s kind of weird that Kung Lao and Kung Jin had no interaction. I don’t like either of these characters, but Kung Lao meeting his nephew (cousin?) was a missed opportunity for character development. I would be interested in Kung Jin working to stop Kronika so he could bring glory to his family on his own terms. That would make him different from Kung Lao, because Kung Lao is not only in The Great Kung Lao’s shadow, but Liu Kang’s as well.

I would love to have Cyrax playable in MK11. It really bothers me that in the story mode, Sub Zero says he is gonna do everything he can to restore Cyrax. But then, Sub Zero literally never mentions Cyrax again. Not even in his tower ending,and chose to do everything he could to help Bi-Han. And in this canon, Bi Han was a jerk from the start. Cyrax was in the wrong place at the wrong time and became a cyborg against his will. Not once, but twice. Since we fight Cyrax in the story mode, he already has a look and a moveset. I find it so rude that we have Robocop. Even if we take away the fact he was released at the worst possible time, people have asked for the robot (Cyrax, Sektok, Smoke) and the cop (Stryker) that was already in the MK kanon repeatedly. It’s totally cool that they used the likeness and voice of the actor for Robocop, but I think the character was unnecessary. Maybe Peter Weller could have voiced Stryker. Stryker is a police man that was revived after death and seemingly lost their humanity.

I like Rorschach instead of The Comedian because he is 1. more interesting, 2. more liked and 3. has a more original costume. Even though I liked the most recent adaptation of Watchmen, I would really like to see Rorschach get some redemption. I really didn’t like what they did and how/why they did it.

Kombat Pack 5: Quan Chi, Reptile, Pyramid Head, and Tanya (instead of Sareena)

I’m kind of over the guest characters from movies. I want one from a video game. Oddly enough, I think Kratos was the creme de la creme of Mortal Kombat guest characters. I think Pyramid Head would fit right in with the universe. I also think he would be popular enough to inspire the makers of Silent Hill to make another video game. Or maybe Remaster the first one. That would be fun. Silent Hill was one of the first video games that really scared me. What about you?

As for Tanya….With the inclusion of Mileena and Rain, Tanya is the only Edenian that isn’t in MK11. What’s cool about Tanya is that she consistently brings chaos with her and MK11’s story was the epitome of chaos. Especially with Aftermath. Not only does Tanya have a fun play style, but the could possibly expand on Jade’s beef with Tanya. (Also I am selfish and want a character that looks closer to me.)

So, with the characters I picked, an official Nik Or Treatt curated Kombat Pack would be

  • Buffy
  • Harley Quinn
  • Kung Jin
  • Cyrax
  • Pyramid Head
  • Rorschach
  • annnd Tanya!

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