Space is Actually Terrifying

Well, well, well, look who remembered their login information.

Anyway, two days after a lot of us celebrated the Son of Man ™ conquering death, I logged on to the Bird App to see The Thing was trending. At first, I thought people decided to troll their children like I did and told them they made an Among Us movie. But instead, people were subtweeting this lady and defending Sci-fi horror since Sci-Fi horror is often set in space, the interests overlapped.

Unlike some of you weirdos, I will not be attacking this lady for her opinion. Mostly because I don’t really care what people think about horror. Horror is subjective at the end of the day. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I think most romantic comedies are not romantic or comedic. I would write about why, but it goes against my brand.

Thanks, I (still) hate it!

One of the first things I did when I started blogging about horror was to tell y’all how Event Horizon lives rent free in my nightmares. I really do like horror set in space.

Some of my favorites are:

  • Alien- as y’all know, I really wanted to name my child Ripley until the Fun Police (my husband) said no. Ken was a boy anyway so I guess it doesn’t matter.
  • Life- If you are a Spider-Man/Venom fan, this movie is VERY interesting.
  • High Life- Pattinson horror hive for life, you know me.
  • Terraformers- It’s an anime, but I’m back on my BS
  • Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women
  • Pandorum
  • Lifeforce
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey- Fight me!
  • Queen Of Blood
  • Moon- Talk about a SpaceOddity (ba bum tiss)… Actually, I feel like crying rn. I miss him fr

Space is so unknown, and like, what we do know is mostly things I wish I could unlearn. I think all of these things would make great movies. Maybe more space horror should be made so the genre is more appreciated!

  • For some reason, I thought Earth was the only place that had noise. But no, planets have their own little songs/screams. Here’s Remina’s, oops, I mean Jupiter‘s. Speaking of Jupiter, it’s a gas planet. Which means unlike Remina, if you landed on Jupiter….No you didn’t. You would just fall through the gas. And, I assume, you would be falling literally f o r e v e r.
A Barusu Telescope?

  • The footprints on the moon do not match Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit. Just kidding, that’s not true. But the fact that we were all so quick to believe it shows that deep down…We know Space is a lawless void. Also, footprints on the moon are on there for a million years. Because, there’s no air. (or whatever Jordin Sparks said.)
  • Time is not the same everywhere, if you’re looking at stars, they are probably already dead. One day on Mercury is 59 days on Earth.

  • A lot of religions integrate cosmology into their dogma. The religion I grew up in implies Heaven in space. Others, not so much. Some people refer to bad people being sent to “outer darkness”. Some religions think that Neil Armstrong wasn’t the first man on the moon. Some people think G-d sent Cain there after Cain was naughty. But hey…There is a literal Hell planet so who knows where Hell and Heaven are for a fact. Maybe there is a Heaven planet.
  • There’s maybe, possibly, probably a huge planet that no one can find. Our best chance of finding it is the Subaru telescope in Hawaii. A lot of people think telescopes in Hawaii are abhorrent. But I couldn’t find anything sacred about the land on this one at all. If it is, please let me know so I can correct myself! Idk about y’all but I associate the name Subaru with incompetence. We need a Ram telescope. But for real, I do respect the Hawaiian people for shutting down the construction of a telescope on Mauna Kea

  • I’m not too sure how you guys feel about aliens, but listen….I think about the Fermi Paradox far too much and I am about Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari everyone else into doing so so I can be freed.
  • And the scariest thing of all...We don’t know what we don’t know about space. Yeah,we don’t know how big space is, but if we did, could we even comprehend it? Does that math exist? What is the sun made of? We don’t know, and if we did, would we know? Does whatever the sun is made of even exist on earth in any comparable form? How do we know that we’re alive? What if, like most stars we are already dead and we are observing the past? If aliens came to visit us, how can we be sure we would know they were aliens? Wh would aliens even bother coming to land if most of our planet is water? Is this why Octopi are so smart and have such unique genetics? Is this why some jellyfish are like that? Is this why Water bears can survive pretty much anything except themselves? How can we be sure we are not aliens? I think people that study the universe are so intelligent and patient because I do not know where to start when it comes to space, and that true unknown to me, is horrific.

I really don’t think what Elle Hunt said is a big deal,not everyone is a cinema expert that knows every movie to exist like Film Twitter acts like every person should be. Not everyone finds the same things scary. But,I do think it was hilarious she woke up and chose violence with Film Twitter. I appreciate the balls! I’m might say something wild tomorrow, and Ms. Hunt will be my inspiration.

I hope everyone is having a good Spring! Easter is my favorite holiday (a shock, I know) and I was a little sad we could not go to church and stunt with our Easter clothes. But, I did get to spend a good day with my family and we watched church on TV. I watched the livestream of my current church and the one in San Diego that I grew up in. I am also really thankful that Carrie Underwood released her version of “How Great Thou Art”. That is favorite hymm and would like it played at my funeral. I’m happy there is now another popular version by an artist I respect because I’ve always kind of got the vibe that people associate the song with Elvis. I know it’s kind of weird to talk about, because this is not a music blog, and I don’t think people associate me with country music.I just love Carrie Underwood okay!! I’ve been going through a lot of mental health issues lately and so I just wanted to share something that made me happy in hopes that it makes other people happy.

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