Guess, who’s back? Back Again.

It’s me…Yeah. So, some things happened. I’ve reevaluated what I what I want this blog to be. I’m never going to move away from horror, it’s too integral to who I am. However, I want to post about other things so I can post more often.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about my ~career~ as in ~influencer~. I’ve realized that this has been something that my life has been going towards. I have no desire for fame, but I do like to share my ideas about health and beauty. I also want to share my journey with my mental health, self image, and things I like. And, honestly, being a Black woman is a horror story in itself sometimes.

I love writing, I’ve always wanted to be a writer. In middle school, I was one of the school newscaster and we did a skit for teacher appreciation week where I was a grown up writer. I worked on the newspaper in high school, I wrote a poem for my uncle’s funeral. When I was thrust in the middle of the problems my mother and my various fathers, writing helped me a lot, since I didn’t have access to therapy at the time. While writing has been something I’ve always been passionate about, I’m also working on NOT being passionate about feeling like I’m not good enough.

During the (far too long) break I took from this blog, I got help. And I mean serious help. I’ve learned and accepted that a lot of the stuff I was doing was self sabotage because I feared being happy. I was afraid of being happy, because I would always have this sinking feeling that it was going to end. So it was hard to enjoy myself. I felt like I was good at blogging, but self doubt began to set in when I saw other people more successful that I was. I felt like I was not good enough, and that made me feel like I shouldn’t even try.

But, I have help now. I have a good support system. I’m hoping I can continue to make this blog great. I just wanna entertain you! While I don’t see myself making every single post about horror. It was putting me in a box and tbh I’m claustrophobic. So, there will be some cool new things coming to this blog. And, well….That scares me!

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