Bill Thee Skarsgard Updates

Long time no see! Today I want to share what Bill’s been doing while I’ve been avoiding a grippy sock vacation. First, were going to do some rapid fire reviews. Then, let’s talk about what’s coming up for our Best Boy. And, he’s got a lot coming up. He may not be the King of Sweden (debatable), but he certainly is the king of employment.

So true, bestie

What was the point of this movie? For literally everyone involved..

In Eternals, he played the character Kro. I’m gonna be frank and let you all know Eternals was literally so boring. Also, for a movie that went so out of their way for diversity, it was HILARIOUS that they got a white man that looked like an established MCU character. It was confusing. Bill wasn’t really in this, which reminded me of the pains of Deadpool 2. Like, I feel like I get tricked into seeing these movies sometimes.My son said Bill was in it, so I was waiting to see his cute lil face and see…that. On top of that, I didn’t even like Eternals. I totally would have see Deadpool 2 anyway, but I was not interested in Eternals at all. I probably would not have seen the movie if not for the bait and switch. I thank God everyday for Disney Plus, because it took me three days to finish Eternals.

in my (correct) opinion

As for Bill in the movie, I can’t say I was disappointed. I was not expecting him in the movie. When I heard him, I was like “ain’t no freakin’ way”. I just want this man to play a real superhero. Honestly, it’s looking like they may just have to start over with the DCEU. And I think Bill would be a really good Scarecrow or . I would also think it would be so freakin’ neat to see him play a hero. I think an edgy Green Arrow would SLAP. I never really got into that show, because I feel like The CW is committed to nonsense. So, if the Green Arrow show is actually good, let me know! I know that Green Arrow is probably not someone you associate me (or Bill) with. I think h could put a pretty cool spin on this character. I know what you’re thinking, and I’ve firmly on team “no more clown shit”. I’m over it.

Barbarian was SO good! I saw it last weekend.I really enjoyed this movie to the point I’m considering going to see it again, I felt ripped off in a way. I really don’t understand why Bill got top billing (lmao, billing). He’s not in it as much as the trailer led me to believe. I firmly think dude should not have turned down The Northman for this. The Northman was ok, but I had much higher expectations. I do think that maybe Alexander Skarsgard was a little too old to play the main character. His mom was (my queen) Nicole Kidman, they play a married couple on Big Little Lies. Also, Anya Taylor Joy would have made a more believable (and hotter) couple with Bill. Alexander is 46, Anya is 26, and Bill is 32. Like man….I hate it here. Anyway, I think it’s pretty cool that the story The Northman told is what inspired Hamlet! It’s so funny that trifling uncles is something that is iconic across cultures (and species).

“good for her”

Even though that did tick me off, I do really love this movie. It’s not what I expected, in a really interesting way. I don’t want to put any kind of really spoilers on here, because literally, seeing this in the theaters was an experience. It almost made me feel the same way I felt when I was watching Get Out for the first time. This had more twists than Get Out, it was honestly, so fun to watch.

I think more movies, especially horror/thrillers would benefit from promoting movies like this. Whatever you think this movie is about, it’s literally not. Like, at all.

Currently, this has over 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. To compare, The Silence of The Lambs won an Oscar for Best Picture (among other things). The Silence of the Lambs has 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. This is a good movie, outside of my obviously biased opinion.

Even though I saw this movie for Bill, I am very satisfied with the movie. I am always here for Black women in horror. I thought it was cool that I could relate with the main character in kind of a different way. She looked like me, so, I felt like this could happen to me. However, if I was in a house with Bill Skarsgard, I simply would not have locked the door to begin with. A very short movie lol. Yeah, I know motherless behavior. But, that goes perfectly with the movie.

That’s what happened, here’s what’s happening.

John Wick 4


First of all, if you haven’t seen the John Wick films….What! Are! You! Doing! I don’t really care for actions films like that, but I do love John Wick. Ok, maybe I’m biased because I would both kill and die for Keanu Reeves with a smile on my face. But, the general consensus is that the movies are good. It’s a really rare franchise that get better with each movie. Not only does the story get better, but the cast gets more batshit insane as the series progresses. The series even has a cute lil Matrix reunion. Personally, I felt like The Matrix 4 was a F L O P , so it was nice to see them together again. Besides Bill, I’m most excited to see Donnie Yen. Even though I am not an action movie girlie, he is my favorite action movie actor! I enjoy his films. Particularly the Ip Man films, because everyone in my household looks up to Bruce Lee. I don’t want to talk too much about the rest of the John Wick 4 cast because it’s literally so much fun to be surprised when someone recognizable shows up on screen. I do think that I would have screamed in the theater if Bill randomly popped up as a surprise. Like when he showed up on the second season of Castle Rock…BRUH, I’m still chasing that feeling. Unfortunately, now the algorithm knows me too well. If Bill Skarsgard is ever doing anything public, I will know about it. What a world, TBH. I would never want to be famous.

John Wick 4 has a heavily Asian cast, so I’m pretty excited to see the fight scenes. During the pandemic, I started studying Tai Chi, Bōjutsu, and Sai-Jutsu. So, I always get really excited for the inspiration to work even harder and study more diligently. I do the Tai Chi for it’s mediation benefits, because my mind can’t shut the hell up. But, I could probably really hurt someone with my sais now. Not that I want to hurt people ofc. It’s more out of appreciation for Mileena and martial arts. I think it would be really respectful to be able to use the sais properly. I’ve been doing a lot of ~inner work~ and I felt like there was a real likelihood that I was being culturally insensitive by just posing with them in cosplay. I don’t know, it probably sounds weird. But, the sais make me happy and I want to appreciate the art as much as possible. Learning about different kinds of Eastern weapons has made me feel so bad ass and smart. I have like 300,000 hobbies, but this seems like one that will actually stick with me. I think my best cosplays are of Mileena. Speaking of cosplay, I am thinking about doing Electra eventually!

Boy Kills World

Currently, not too much is known about Boy Kills World. It’s based on a short film that I’m purposely avoiding so I can be ~thrilled~ in peace when I see the movie. Usually, I’m nonchalant about spoilers. I want a different experience this time. Bill is playing a character that is deaf, mute, and sexy. A mysterious mentor trains Boy (Bill) so Boy can avenge the murder of his family. I have a feeling that the mentor, played by Yayabn Ruhian will be revealed as the murderer. This movie reunites Bill with Famke Janssen. Gosh, I miss Hemlock Grove. I hated the way it ended.

Love this for me

The concept trailer of Boy Kills World really gives it a slightly creepy vibe. I don’t think this will end up being a straight up action movie. This is produced by Sam Rami and Roy Lee (same producer as Barbarian) , so I hope it goes a step above creepy and has some serious moments of horror. I think that Dr Strange and The Multiverse of Madness did a great job of combining action, family, and horror. Sam Rami directed that one! I do feel like the ball was completely dropped with the Scarlet Witch. At the end of WandaVision. Wanda heard her kids crying for help. I really feel like that should have been mentioned! Then, she would have been a more layered villain. Honestly, if I heard my kiddos pleading for me, I would go ape shit like Wanda did.

The Crow

Besties, I’m very conflicted by this movie. Does this movie actually need to be remade? What value does this contribute to the cultural conciseness? Getting this movie remade has been an entire thing. And, I really don’t feel like the effort to even get this movie casted (NINE MEN!), filmed, and released will translate to a good film. Obviously, I hope that it is good. Bill is one of my favorite actors, and I’m not the type to root for anyone to fail. And, all my morals evaporate out of my body when men wear eyeliner. It’s my fatal flaw.

When I say I’m fighting demons, I just mean hotties in eyeliner.BTW this is what Sinestro looks like in my head!

I really feel like this movie is kind of unnecessary. But, like I said earlier, this is a Bruce Lee stan household. And, I already know what conversations are going to be brought back up. I do feel like a lot of people forget that Brandon Lee was a real person that really died. Michael Massee was a real person who was plagued by nightmares over what happened for the rest of his life. Shannon Lee is a real person that has the responsibility of keeping the legacy of her father and brother respectful despite some of the most powerful people in Hollywood being ignorant at best and racist at the worst. Eliza Hutton never got to marry the love of her life. He died less than a month before the wedding. Linda Lee Cadwell buried her first born child almost thirty years ago. I think people can be really insensitive to all of this.

I will probably end up seeing this movie. But, I don’t have the highest hopes for the movie. I expect it to be visually stunning, but that doesn’t mean the movie will be good. Honestly, if you do like The Crow, I suggest you look into the comics! There are not too many, and they are a really intriguing read. It’s different from the film, but not in a bad way. Both mediums are entertaining. I associate the movie more with my idea of what The Crow should be because Brandon Lee did bring so much to the role. Sadly, that does overshadow the source work.

What Bill movie are you the most excited to see? For me, it’s Boy Kills World.

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